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How To Create Your First Web3 Digital Wallet

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In the web3 and metaverse worlds, your digital wallet is a tool that you’ll use daily. Not only will you use your wallet to buy, sell and transfer digital currency, you’ll also use your wallet to make purchases, store your NFT information, and as a digital key allowing you access to different platforms and opportunities like our new “Save The World DAO.”

To set up your first digital wallet, follow steps #2, #3, and #4, as outlined by our friend, Ryan Foland, in his post, “7 Steps to Creating Your First NFT.”

Please note that in Step #2, Ryan has you purchase a small amount of cryptocurrency using Coinebase and the Coinbase wallet. After completing this step, you created your first digital wallet (your Coinbase wallet).

Because of its popularity and ease of use, we also want you to create a second MetaMask wallet because of how popular the MetaMask digital wallet is. So please continue with steps #3 and #4.

Coinbase and MetaMask wallets can be accessed from your laptop, desktop, and phone. We use our MetaMask Google Chrome extension daily and suggest you do too.

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