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Please consider becoming part of our private web3 and metaverse community.


If web3 and the different metaverses (hereinafter together referred to as “web3”) are new to you, become part of our exciting community. We’ll help you safely and easily take your first digital steps to learn more about and leverage, the power of these new powerful web3 technologies.

If you’re an experienced user and interested in learning better ways to engage, communicate and persuade in web3, you’re going to enjoy the content we share. If you’d like to expand your network while adding value, helping others and tapping into a global community of amazing people, you’re in the right place at the right time.

Learn more about and get access to:

-Private membership NFTs;

-Private gated metaverse spaces;

-Private Discord channel;

-Private DAO;

-Private venues for members to meet, network and test things out in private;

-Private Q&A for new and experienced users (there’s no such thing as a bad question in this community);

-Conversations, discussions and resources about blockchains, smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi, Dapps and other tools;

-Private community social audio and video conversations, resources, events and so much more.

(Note- Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with all of the above. One of the purposes of this community is to help you safely get started and position yourself for success. The best way to learn about these new approaches and platforms is to start using them. This community will take you by the hand and make sure you do just that).

Ready to Get Started?

Our private membership is FREE (UPDATED)

Friends of ours have told us that based upon the value already in our community, and plans moving forward, we should be charging $75 to $225/month for private access. They may be right and eventually we will raise the price. For now, we simply want to make access to our community an easy decision for everyone including new artists, creators and entrepreneurs who are trying to wrap their heads around web3.

If you’re ready to join us, please use the secure PayPal link below to get started. An option to pay using cryptocurrency is coming.

Once you purchase your membership, you will be redirected in 10 seconds to the ManeuVR Private Web3 community page with 3 critically important steps you need to take along with links to private resources. You should also receive an email in a few minutes with login and password information. If you don’t receive the password, please reach out and we’ll forward it to you.


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

If you want to blend in and be like everyone else in town, do what they do.

If you want to stand out, be unique, and build your own brand, give yourself permission to be different and then take daily action and the road less traveled. Mitch figured this out about thirty years ago when opening his own law firm (video from the beach). In today’s world, this approach to business and life has never been more important.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey. Between now and when we see you over in the private resources, keep smiling and never stop making each day your masterpiece!

Garrett and Mitch
Contact us via this link

PS- Join now to lock in your initial (and time-limited) discount rate. Monthly membership fees will eventually increase but for a limited time you can “lock in” for the life-time of your membership this initial low rate. Again, please use this PayPal link to get started.