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Please join us in our private and public offices and conference rooms. Also stop by our Penthouse, French Riviera, Ski Chalet and forgotten Urban City metaverse venues. All you need is your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. If you have a headset like the Oculus Quest 2, even better!

Here’s a video showing several of our venues.

If you can, please take time to set things up ahead of our meeting. Just like anything else, the more time you spend in the metaverse, the easier things get.

The Short Version

Just like Zoom, click on the link you’re provided. If you don’t already have a Spatial account, set it up and once done, you’re good to go. Instructions with how to mute and unmute your microphone, and move your avatar around, are explained below under #6 and #7.

The Detailed Version

Here are the easy-to-follow steps:

#1: If you already have a Spatial account and have been in the metaverse before, you can skip to #7 below. Having said that, it might be a good idea to run through all the steps anyway just in case you missed something.

OK, if this is all new to you, start by creating a free Spatial account on your laptop or desktop at (write down your username and password).

#2: If you have time, customize your avatar (head, hair, body, and clothing). The “Ready Player Me” option located in your Spatial app or screen makes selecting an avatar easy. If you don’t have time, no worries. Just use the default avatar for now. Also, spend some time in the free spaces and use the tips below to learn how to mute and unmute and also move your avatar around the space.

#3: To join us in one of our spaces using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, log into your free Spatial account. Click the link we provided to you for our public or private meeting. Or, click the link below to explore our other spaces.

Give Spatial about 30 seconds to load on your computer. You can also use the search bar and search the Explore tab for “ManeuVR” (our consulting agency) or explore any of the other public spaces displayed for you. This is how easy it is to join a Spatial space in the metaverse from your device.

If you also want to use a headset like the Oculus Quest 2, follow the steps in Step #4 below.


Ski Chalet

French Riviera

Urban Space

Conference Room

: Setting up Spatial inside your headset: To join using your headset (highly recommended- improves your experience by 95%) do the following.

After setting up your account on your laptop or desktop, click the above links while on your laptop or desktop to add the desired space to your list of available spaces you’ll be able to see and access when you eventually log in via your headset. Think of this like you’re creating a bookmark to use later with your headset on. This works for any Spatial space you’re invited to and want to join via your headset.

Once you do this, you can “leave” the space on your laptop or desktop (see the “leave” button at the top left of your screen) and even close Spatial on your computer. The space (like our Penthouse) will now be bookmarked and easily accessible in Spacial and from within your headset via step #5 below. You do not need to have Spatial running on your computer to work in Oculus.

Next, put on your headset, search for and download the “Spatial” app (see below). Log in while using your headset using the same username and password. Headsets like Oculus provide for a digital keyboard you can type on using your hand controllers. You only have to do this once.

Again, please note that you do not need to be using your laptop or computer and be logged in to Spatial to use your headset. This is where we see a lot of people getting confused so we’re repeating this tip.

#5: Next, after you’re logged into your Spatial account, from your laptop, computer, or from within your Oculus, you need to find and enter one or more of our spaces you bookmarked earlier (Penthouse, French Riviera, Ski Chalet, Urban Venue, Conference Room or another link we may have sent over). Because you already entered the related space from your laptop or desktop (#4 above), it is now listed in the “Spaces” option indicated by the red arrow on the right (see below). As you start visiting and creating your own spaces, they will also be listed inside the “Spaces” tab at the top right.

You can also use the search bar and search the Explore tab for the name of the space we are meeting in. Depending on Spatial’s settings, you may also be taken to one or more of our space options.

The next time you log into Spatial from your headset, you can find quick access to all the past spaces you’ve visited via the “spaces” link marked by the arrow on the right.

#6: Now that you’re in Spatial, take a few minutes and get a feel for how to move around. If you’re using a headset, you move around and interact like in any other virtual space (use the buttons on your hand controllers and movement of your body, arms, and hands). If you’re using your laptop or desktop, you can use your mouse to move, rotate and zoom in and out. For those of you using your laptop, desktop, or phone, click on the little question mark at the bottom right of your screen for movement tips. This is the chart that pops up.

For users already familiar with Spatial and Oculus

#7: From your laptop or desktop, login to Spatial. Next, click the link you were provided. You will be taken directly to the space. Depending on your connection speed, allow 30 seconds to load.

If you’re joining us from your laptop or desktop, you’re good to go.

If you’d like to use your headset like the Oculus Quest 2 (we highly recommend the headset experience), and only after going through the steps to #4 above, exit Spatial on your laptop or desktop. Next, put on your headset and fire up the Spatial app. Use the search feature (the right arrow in the diagram above) to click and see the Spatial venue “Space” option that corresponds to the space we’re meeting in. Note that it was placed or bookmarked in your spaces because you accessed it from your laptop or desktop– the program puts it inside your headset to make it easy for your to access while wearing the system). Select the space and give things 30-60 seconds to upload.

You can also use the search bar and simply search the Explore tab for the name of the space we sent you. Depending on your use and settings, this may also help you find the specific space.

That’s about it. The more time you spend in the Metaverse, the easier and more rewarding everything gets.

Reach out with questions!

PS- Need help getting started? No worries. We can do all the heavy lifting for you. Start here.

PPS- Want to start the day with a smile while improving your skills? Join us for “Morning Coffee in the Metaverse.”

PPPS- Want to dive deeper? Spatial has an online support center here.