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Use your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or headset (best) to see our metaverse properties and venues. We offer turn-key or custom solutions. To see examples, click on the links below (it only takes a couple of minutes to set up a free Spatial account)

Our Corporate Office

The Penthouse

The French Riviera

The Ski Chalet

The Urban Forgotten City

LandZ Mansion

Conference Rooms

Outdoor Amphitheater

Hundreds of other options.

Ready to get started? Let’s chat!

Every now and then, we’ll do a live video walkthrough of our clients’ spaces and projects. Here are a few of the recorded live shows you may enjoy. Click here to get on our email update list to be notified of our next live video or metaverse event.

Matt Hendrick

Meet Matt Hendricks, a quadriplegic web3 #NFT artist who uses his mouth to hold a brush while painting. His unique combination of positive and negative space while using as little paint as possible results in iconic portraits.

Dr. Adam Scheiner

This world-renowned plastic surgeon has created three separate spaces to compliment his Florida based practice.

“Garrett is a smart young man. Knowledgeable about NFTs, marketing, Web3. As someone steeped in the web3 space, Garrett is someone I would trust to grow and develop a web3 business…”

Nick Rishwain | VP

“Being truly human and connecting in today’s tech age isn’t easy, but if anyone exemplifies how best to engage people in the new digital ecosystem it is Mitch Jackson. If you have the chance to learn or work with Mitch, consider yourself lucky. The ROI of the value provided is undoubtedly going to be worth it.”

Shama Hyder

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