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Welcome to the Metaverse Roundtable

Change Is Happening

The metaverse is changing the world as we know it. Never before in history has humanity experienced anything like what is happening right before our eyes each and every day.

For some, this change is exciting. For others, it’s confusing and even a bit overwhelming. Others “want in” but don’t know where to start.

Let’s Keep Things Fun and Easy

With the above in mind, we want to make it more enjoyable and easier for everyone to start using and enjoying the metaverse. We’re focused on making this happen not only because we are excited about the new technology (and opportunities) but because we also believe that failing to prepare and embrace the new metaverse technologies is preparing to fail.

The Metaverse Roundtable

To help everyone succeed and prosper in the metaverse, we’ve created the Metaverse Roundtable Community (the “MRC“). It’s a FREE digital community where creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners can meet, ask questions and learn how to use and leverage the power of the metaverse.

Please consider the following:

✅ If you’re interested in the metaverse but don’t know where to start, the MRC is for you.

✅ If you have questions and want answers RIGHT NOW, the MRC is for you.

✅ If you’re already enjoying the metaverse and interested in engaging with others, the MRC is for you.

✅ If you’re a leader in the metaverse space and want to help others, the MRC is for you!

Our goal with this new community is to offer a safe, fun, and valuable environment for learning and sharing better approaches and ways to develop our metaverse communities, brands, and businesses. Our priorities are to nurture and grow a positive community through real-time conversations, live Q&A, and engaging with expert guest speakers.

Join Us!

Does the above sound like something you’ve been looking for?

If so, please become part of our weekly Wednesday meetups in the metaverse. We’ll be going live at Noon PDT (3 PM ET) in our new MRC space.

Also make sure to jump into our new MRC Discord for more help, conversations and event updates. Ask and answer questions and always feel free to add value by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and projects in the different text, audio and video channels.

We’re building a better metaverse experience one person, business and relationship at a time. We hope you decide to become part of this journey.

Mitch and Garrett
Co-Founders of ManeuVR