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THE METAVERSE COURTROOM: Using Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Sensory Devices to Find Justice

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It’s 2030 and the new handheld Techsung Global Device 50 (“TGD50”) phone, tablet and laptop battery has a run time of six months between charges. It offers incredible technology except for one thing, the batteries are catching fire during use.

My client’s 50,000 square foot storage warehouse valued at $200 million burned to the ground after a cargo container filled full of TGD50’s caught fire and within an hour, destroyed the building and everything in it. Today, we’re starting a products liability jury trial in Orange County, California, and we’ll be using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and body sensory devices (SD) to win the case for our clients. Click to read Mitch’s version of what the future holds in store.