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You’ve just finished setting up your new Spatial metaverse Space.

Now what?

How do you get people to stop by? How can you promote your Space in an impactful way?

“Don’t let inaction result in your new Spatial metaverse property being the best-kept secret in town. Share it with the world. Share who you are and what you do. Take action and expand your brand from local to global IRL and in the metaverse!”

Mitch Jackson

Here are 12 ways to let the world know you’re open and ready for business in the Spatial metaverse. Leverage the power of one or more of these approaches to stand out above the noise and get noticed.

#1 Share Your Link on Social Media

Copy the link to your new Spatial Space and share it with a unique and memorable one or two-sentence post on social media. Use the photo or video capture feature to take and share a picture or video with your post. Invite your community to connect with you back in your Spatial Space.

If you really want to make an impact, record a video of your Space while on your laptop or desktop. Use the Q or E key to rotate 360 degrees while recording. Next, upload to Vimeo and create a 3-6 second GIF. Use this moving GIF to compliment your social media posts rather than a still photo or traditional video. Here’s an example of how this looks on Twitter.

#2 Go Live

Spatial now allows you to go live. Selecting the “Go Live” button will highlight your Space on the Spatial public Explorer tab. As visitors come into your Space, invite them to show you some love by “hitting the heart.” Depending on their settings, people who heart your Space will be notified the next time you go live from your Space. This two-part process will generate more engagement in your Space and increase the number of visitors in future Spaces. Get more details in this post from Spatial.

#3 Blog Post

If you have a blog, create an interesting and provocative blog post about your new Space. Include a picture, video, or your GIF just like you would with an effective social media post. As an example, see our post for next Thursday’s event.

#4 Schedule Posts

Use a service like AgoraPulse or Lately.AI to automatically schedule a post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms a few minutes after you plan to go live in your Spatial Space. It might say, “Hey everyone, we’re live RIGHT NOW in the metaverse. Join us here

Note that to keep things simple, we use a redirect plugin our WordPress blog to shorten the long Spacial link. You can do the same, use the original URL or a shortening service like In the end, about 5 minutes after you go live, your social media post will go out automatically, and people will click and join you for your show.

#5 Go Live on Web2 From Spatial

Use a service like StreamYard or Ecamm to share your Spatial live event (share the tab) with your live StreamYard or Ecamm audience watching your live stream on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and even Amazon Live. After all, telling someone about the metaverse is kind of like trying to give someone a haircut over the telephone. It’s impossible to do. Showing them what’s got you excited is the way to go!

This approach allows people active on Web2 but not yet in the metaverse to see why you’re so interested in Spatial and the metaverses. You can also engage in real-time chat with your Streamyard and Ecamm audiences. If you want to see how Garrett and I are doing this, click here to see a couple of our recorded live-streamed shows.

#6 Interviews

Rather than doing a traditional podcast or live video interview, why not jump into your Spatial Space and record the conversation via your avatars?

Broadcast live to the world on the conventional Web2 platforms as mentioned above, or record for later distribution. Repurpose the recorded interview or discussion on all your Web2 platforms with links back to your Spatial Spaces. If you’re not livestreaming and just recording, Loom makes this easy to do. Here’s an example (podcast and video) of what I’m talking about.

#7 Cross-Promote Portals

If you have more than one Spatial Space, and when appropriate, place Spatial Portals in each of your Spaces so visitors can easily travel from one Space to another. After all, if they don’t know about a Space, how can you expect them to stop by for a visit?

Another approach is to work with other creators who compliment your brand. Share each others portals in your Spatial Spaces. Encourage guests to visit other creators Spaces. The more love you share the more business you’ll get (especially if getting business isn’t the primary reason you’re helping others).

#8 Email and Text Updates

Use your email and text lists to share your upcoming Spatial Spaces and events with your community. Include a link inviting people to stay current regarding upcoming events. Before your event, promote it a bit to your list. Here’s how we’re doing this (see the bottom of the website).

#9 Social Audio

Leverage the popularity of social audio by cross-promoting your Spatial Spaces and events on web2 social audio (Twitter Spaces, LinkedIn Live, and Clubhouse). If you use a link redirection plugin or link shortening service, it’s easy to say, “Hey, get your legal questions next Thursday by web3 lawyers Ira Rothken and Mitch Jackson at”

Another approach to keeping things simple is to get an easy-to-remember domain and forward it to your primary Spatial Space. Using easy-to-remember domains and redirect links make it much easier for people to remember a URL. I think we can all agree that this is easier to remember than

#10 Newsjacking and Trending Topics

When something happens in your industry, occupation, or profession, instead of jumping on Twitter Spaces to talk about it, why not set up a Spatial Space to do a live Q&A or share your thoughts on the topic?

This approach to leveraging breaking news and trending topics is called newsjacking, and consistently doing this the right way got me on stage two years in a row at Tony Robbins Business Mastery in front of thousands of people. Newsjacking is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever used to generate interest and bring the community together.

A few years ago, I wrote an Amazon best seller, “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.” Chapter 26 shares everything you need to know about newsjacking.

While my book is available on Amazon (paperback, Kindle, and Audible), here’s a link to a free download of a complimentary PDF version of my entire book, including Chapter 26, for all my Spatial friends. Please keep this one copy for your personal use. Enjoy!

#11 QR Codes

The easier it is for someone to stay connected with you, the better. We use QR codes with hyperlinks in our Spatial Spaces to make this simple for our visitors. Here’s a link to the QR code service we use and like.

For example, please take a look at this conference room. Whether or not my team or I am present, clients and visitors can easily scan the QR code or click a link to see our contact information.

We used a similar approach with my “Harbor and Ocean” gallery.

#12 Share a “How To” Page

We want to make our client’s metaverse experience as simple as possible. To do this, we have a page all set up to help them get started. Most clients appreciate this additional effort.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, creator, or entrepreneur; reducing the friction for customers and clients to connect with you in the metaverse is always a good move. Feel free to use the approaches we use to create your own “How To” page.


Don’t be the best-kept secret in town. Be proactive and promote who you are and what you do. Make it easy for others to find you, get to know you, and toot your horn for you.

Between now and the next time we chat, enjoy the journey and never stop making each day your masterpiece!

Mitch and Garrett

PS- We share more tips and resources each week on our Discord. If you already haven’t done so, please consider becoming part of our Discord community today!


    1. Good to hear Marco. Make sure to download the free copy to my book. Almost every tip in each of the 52 chapters will work well with building out our metaverse brands. Enjoy and please share your results!

  1. Hi Mitch and Garrett,
    I’ve enjoyed learning from Mitch since I discovered him on Clubhouse and Instagram.

    Crypto Business podcast with Michael Stelzner really was an exciting lesson.

    Now you have laid out a 12 step plan to help us get started.
    I plan to share with my union.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Michael. Thank you. Yes, it’s great to connect and I had a good time on Michael’s show. Always here for you and your union members! -Mitch and Garrett

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