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Abbott and Costello NFT Drop

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Matt Fortnow is a friend and also the Founder of Power Up NFTs. We’ll be chatting on Twitter Spaces about his October 28, 2022, NFT drop of his new licensed content, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. In case these two comedic geniuses were before your time, Time Magazine referred to this team’s iconic “Who’s On First” routine as “The best comedy sketch of the 20th Century.”

A fitting tribute to the sport of baseball, the NFTs will drop on October 28, 2022, the day of the first scheduled game of the 2022 World Series. Each of the 8,791 NFTs contains a unique still frame from Abbott & Costello’s famous six-minute routine from a 1951 episode of the Colgate Comedy Hour.

Join us on Twitter Spaces the day before the drop on October 27th at 5 PM ET and learn more about the drop at the Who’s On First NFT website!

Please make sure to click here enjoy the virtual gallery via your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or headset.


Mitch and Garrett