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An open letter to the metaverse community

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Dear friends,

Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to keynote IRL in front of a large international audience about web3 and the metaverse. I’ve also done several dozen virtual presentations and interviews on the same topics.

While most of my audiences are VERY interested in these new technologies, only some are active in the metaverse spaces.

Why do you think that’s the case?

Well, when I talk with people after my presentations, the question I’m asked over and over is pretty revealing:

“Mitch, I’m interested in the metaverse but need to figure out where to start. What should I do first?”

Because many amazing people are interested in leveraging the metaverse but need help knowing where to start, we created a free community to help them and, frankly, each other move forward with our metaverse journeys.

Announcing the Metaverse Roundtable Community!

The Metaverse Roundtable Community (affectionately referred to as the “MRC “) is a free digital community. It’s a safe place where creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners can meet, ask questions and learn how to use and leverage the power of the metaverse.

We believe the more informed and empowered the community, the stronger and more successful it will be. We know most of you feel the same way.

If you see the same value in the MRC that we do, please consider becoming involved and sharing the MRC with members in your community.

Also, please participate in our weekly Wednesday MRC meetups. Community members can jump into our new Discord and get their questions answered. Experienced users can add value by sharing thoughts, ideas, and events in the text and audio/video channels.

We’re building a better metaverse experience, one person, business, and relationship at a time. If the MRC resonates with you, we look forward to seeing you active and sharing in the community.

Make today your masterpiece!

The Metaverse Roundtable Community Website
The MRC Discord