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The Future of the Metaverse

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Regardless of how you feel about Mark Zuckerberg and Meta, what he and his team revealed during Tuesday’s Meta Connect Developer Conference 2022 should make everyone want to double down on how they look at web3 and the metaverse moving forward.

If you’re interested in web3 and this space, especially the metaverse, I recommend that you give the presentation a watch here.

What Meta and other leading developers and platforms are working on is much more than headsets like the new Meta Quest Pro. Seeing where we are and where we’re going as a society regarding the quality of VR and AR experiences is mindblowing. Watching examples of existing and new community work and play solutions has me excited.

From building personalized VR spaces to creating avatars that look exactly like you, the present and future are exciting. Communicating, engaging, and interacting with others in private and public spaces will be fast and easy, with data privacy a priority.

My takeaway is that yesterday’s video showed me exactly what will be happening over the next 12 to 24 months. Yes, Meta is playing catchup in several areas, but when you take what Zuckerberg and his team share in the presentation, with the fact that hundreds if not thousands of other leading companies are also working on these technologies, the result is that there are very few limitations with where we are headed in these new spaces in the near future.

Yesterday was so much more than Meta’s new headset. It was about the future of almost everything we know in the digital spaces. Grab your favorite beverage and watch this video.

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