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Our “Save The World DAO”

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Our new “Save The World DAO” is a public decentralized autonomous organization designed to bring humanity together to create positive social, justice, and environmental change. Each month we will use the #DAO to raise, vote and donate funds, and distribute those funds, to support different… Read More »Our “Save The World DAO”

Everything Is Changing!

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The Metaverse is opening new doors for human beings and businesses. There are no limits and everyone has a front row seat. We can change our avatars and be who we want to be anytime and anyplace. The only limits are in our imagination. Garrett… Read More »Everything Is Changing!

The ManeuVR Discord

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We’ve been busy in the ManeuVR Discord (Web3/Metaverse). Recent topics, posts and conversations: Ethereum mergeAI art and US patent lawVR transforming mental healthTommy Hilfiger RPM avatarsRingo + SpatialFTC sues MetaHow to communicate in the metaverse20 minutes in VR = 2M data pointsCrypto and capital marketsNick… Read More »The ManeuVR Discord